1. I would rename the Minnesota Twins! The Minnesota Walleyes? Or The Minnesota Big Green Giants! Or my personal favorite, The Minnesota Bunyans (lol ok, that's just awesome!!)
  2. I am so over pumping my own gas! I feel like we should take a page out of New Jersey's book, and go back to the good old days - give me those gas pump attendants!
  3. Get that light rail in asap. A quicker, easier way to and from the cities. Less gas guzzling, air polluting cars on the road.
  4. Figure out a way to make healthy food less expensive. It doesn't make sense that we pay more for vegetables than we do for processed junk.
  5. Heated roads! Yes, they are expensive, but oh my, could you imagine how much better they would be? Less upkeep, less car accidents in the winter, no more ice rinks, less stop and go traffic all summer long. And of course, they would be powered by renewable energy.

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