The Minnesota Legislature was introduced to a brand new bill that would do away with the idea of traditional snow days with no school.

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Instead, these snow days would become 'e-learning days.'  E-learning would entail doing that day's coursework online, communicating with the teacher via email and even by phone.

However, the plan would include accommodations for those without internet or digital device access.

"It would allow schools to use up to five e-learning days, or five snow days as e-learning days, anytime throughout the year at the discretion of the school board," Rep. Steve Drazkowski said.

Two school districts - Farmington and Minnehaha Academy - have already implemented the 'e-learning days'.

Supporters of the bill say it would help save money for the schools. However, others say it would be very difficult to implement with young children.

The bill was just introduced this last week and will now go to the House Education Innovation Policy Committee.

So what do you think, parents? Would you support no more 'snow days' as we know it?

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