I asked this question on Facebook: "If you had ZERO fear what would you do? What are something that's holding you back from what you'd really like to do (can be related to anything)? Message me if you'd like, talking about it on KROC and can keep it anonymous too!"

First and foremost, a universal fear shared on the status and anonymously was that people feared never finding love again. We all have an strong desire for human connection, so this fear did not surprise me. I do believe there's someone out there for everyone and until we've exhausted dating about a billion people in this world, it is not futile or hopeless. So date and try try try again!

Some other fears shared were:

Zero fear... I would quit both of my jobs and finally chase that singing career.. - Lynnzy


Play guitar and sing without stage fright be able to perform - Kelsey


Be willing to be seen in public in a bathing suit - Candy


I would pursue acting. Even just a stage play here in town. I have such horrible stage fright, it's crippling. I've set up auditions before and just not shown up because of it. -Caitlin


I'd publish that novel. - Kim

This just goes to show we all live with some sort of fear. We're human! I recently saw something from Tony Robbins (love that guy) I wanted to share that talks about facing your fears and owning them by living fearlessly. It is SO good!

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