Are the days of smoke breaks disappearing? They are if you want to drive a U-Haul in several states. The company will no longer employ people that smoke cigarettes in 21 states, including Iowa. Beginning in February, U-Haul applications will include statements regarding the nicotine-free hiring policy and applicants will be questioned about nicotine use. They'll also have to consent to submit to nicotine screening.

We are deeply invested in the well-being of our team members. Nicotine products are addictive and pose a variety of serious health risks. This policy is a responsible step in fostering a culture of wellness at U-Haul, with the goal of helping our team members on their health journey. - U-Haul's chief of staff. 

According to CNN, the policy will not apply to current employees. While this new policy won't affect the majority of states, I still find it fascinating that we are even talking about this. I will admit, as a non-smoker, it was rather annoying the amount of breaks smokers get compared to us - just saying. Most managers laughed if I asked for a "fresh air" break.

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