We all have that urge, right? You know what I'm talking. You're walking near reachable icicles and your inner child is telling your to knock them down. Normally, I'd say have at it just don't lick/eat them. (Read more on that nasty reason HERE.) But, remember the other risks involved.

Fact: According to SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association), at least15 people die from falling icicles each year in the United States. And, in cities like tall buildings like in Chicago, you'll often find "watch for falling ice" signs, like this one.

Now that we all know the risks of icicles; bird poop, injuries, and death, let's move to property damage.

I've already been looking at the inches of ice sitting on my apartment's roof under at least a foot of snow wondering, "how is the roof now caving in and what is going to happen when all that melts?" Also, of the icicles that remain, my kids knocked off most of the others withing heeding to my warning of, "you could lose and eye or get a mouth full of bird poo." But, hey, let kids be kids, right? I mean, most of us were real kids, i.e. playing in dirt and never washing our hands. We're doing just fine. Most of us, that is.

So, back to property damage.

Watch this guy try to shimmy a good-sized icicles from this house's gutter. Keep an eye on the little awning below.

Don't try that at home.

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