There are so many rivers that run through America. We live on the second-longest river in North America and the third-longest in the world, the Mississippi River. A city in Iowa made the list of the 10 prettiest river towns in the U.S. and that city is right here in the Quad Cities.

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Get our free mobile app has revealed its top 10 Prettiest River towns in America and one of the towns on this list is in our area. They don't tell us how they come up with the list but they say that the list combines some of the best-known and lesser-frequented river towns in the U.S. These places are good for hiking and biking, have great breweries, and other unique features. Each town has a different atmosphere and is all well worth the visit.

Davenport, Iowa

Only One Iowa Town On This List

A huge congratulations go out to our very own Davenport, Iowa on making's list of prettiest river towns in America.

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This is what had to say about Davenport.

"Davenport features an unmistakably prominent sense of history. Home to the Sauk and Mesquakie Indians early in the 19th century, it was acquired by Antoine LeClaire, who, upon the signage of the treaty ending the Black Hawk War in 1832, sold the town to the Colonel George Davenport’s fur trading company. A setting for remarkable events, in 1856, Davenport also opened the first railroad bridge that span the Mississippi River for river and rail opportunities that boomed the town’s status as a trading centre.

Davenport is home to other firsts thanks to D.D. Palmer. Palmer created the chiropractic system in 1895 and established The Palmer College of Chiropractic

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As we all know, Davenport is the largest city in the Quad Cities area. Davenport sits along the Mississippi River and next door to its Iowa neighbor in Bettendorf. Across the Mississippi River is Rock Island, Illinois, and up the river is Moline.

The Other Great River Towns In America

It's a great honor that Davenport is on this list. Check out the other beautiful river towns in the U.S. that made this list on

  1. Asheville, North Carolina
  2. Bend, Oregon
  3. Boise, Idaho
  4. Durango, Colorado
  5. Leavenworth, Washington
  6. Macon, Georgia
  7. Missoula, Montana
  8. Nevada City, California
  9. Tallulah Falls, Georgia
  10. Davenport, Iowa

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