No lie, an Iowa man bit a police officer after being arrested. You can't make this stuff up. Is it too soon to say "only in Iowa?" Sorry, I had to.

Siouxlandproud says that two guys were arrested after being busted stealing fireworks from a fireworks stand. I sarcastically think "get it, Fourth of July is next week and those things are expensive." Anyway, back to the story. They broke in during broad daylight with an ax and ran away with two fireworks valued at $600. Sorry, I made a joke again. The story does not say how many fireworks they actually stole, just that it was $600 worth.

When cops arrived, they ran on foot but were quickly detained. While the cops were attempting to get one of the guys in the back of a squad car, "he allegedly began kicking the window. When taking him out, it is reported that he spit on two officers and later bit a third officer on their left thigh" - Siouxlandproud. As Homer Simpson says, "Doh!"

Did anybody else immediately flash back to the Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield fight? I will NEVER forget watching that bleep-show!

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