If you follow the Bachelor franchise you probably have already seen who the 30 women are on the upcoming season of 'The Bachelor'. Plenty of people, including the popular Reality Steve, figured out the women on the show earlier when filming started. But now ABC has released their official list of the women and one of them is from Iowa!

New Season of 'The Bachelor'

The newest season of 'The Bachelor' will be debuting on ABC on Monday, January 23rd. That's when the bachelor, Zach Shallcross, will meet the 30 women who are all hoping to find love with him.

Iowa Woman on 'The Bachelor'

Now let's meet the Iowa women who will be in the new season! Her name is Mercedes, she's 24 years old, and is from the small town of Bloomfield, IA. Bloomfield is in the southern part of Iowa and the population is just over 2,500.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That's all of the information from ABC but obviously, Reality Steve was able to dig up more info about her. If you aren't familiar with Reality Steve, he Tweets a lot about reality TV and inside scoops on them but I'd say he's most well-known for having the inside scoop on the Bachelor franchise.

Based on Reality Steve's digging, it looks like she may have grown up in Bloomfield, IA and now lives in Nashville. He Tweeted back in September that she graduated from Middle State Tennessee University and works in social media marketing.

We should learn a little more about her in the premiere of 'The Bachelor'. There's also a North Dakota woman named Madison. She's 26 and is from Fargo.

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