Because we all know there's no such thing as a "quick" trip to Target... So why not re-charge your cars battery while you shop?

This makes total sense to me, especially now since we're seeing more and more electric cars on the road every day. In fact, I see several Tesla brand cars on my drive home from work almost daily now. The electric car is growing in popularity, and with gas prices starting to climb across America once again, this idea could pay dividends for the Minneapolis-based company.

According to this, Target is getting ahead of the game and has announced it'll be rolling out parking lot charging stations at more than 100 stores across the U.S. They're saying the goal is to see 600 electric car parking spaces across 20 states in the next two years.

While the specific list of which stores will get these charging stations is unclear, I would be surprised if the majority of stores within the company's home state didn't receive them - including both locations here in Rochester.

My only hope is these stations don't take priority away from any disabled, or expecting mothers parking spaces.

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