This may very well be the grossest thing I've ever seen... and I've seen a lot of weird stuff in radio.

If you've never had a professionally done massage before, I highly recommend doing it sometime. Those people know what they're doing, and the magic they can perform on all your aches and pains is absolutely phenomenal. Having said that, I just watched a weird video on YouTube about a masseuse with some interesting methods. You could literally say she's sinking her teeth into a handful of A-list clients that include 106.9 KROC artists like Katy Perry, Adam Levine, and Kanye West.

Heck, even Simon Cowell, who I'd think would be allergic to any type of human touch or interaction altogether even has this lady performing her "massages" on him.

Her name is Dr. Dot, and she's an expert in giving these internal massages but she says she's careful to never bite any bones, only muscle, and or leave teeth marks. Well that's nice of her! Check out the video I found below and see for yourself:

For more information on Dr. Dot, visit her website HERE.

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