Being that I could eat breakfast cereal nonstop for every meal, I’ve had a lot of milk in my life. Fewer things are more luxurious than a cold glass of Whole Milk, man. My stomach is jiggling just thinking about it! I’ve since switched over to Almond Milk, which I remember thinking was weird when I first saw it on the shelves years ago. But now I think it’s pretty good, and it’s the only thing I get. But years from now, will I end up saying the same thing about…Cockroach Milk?!

No, really. Some scientists have apparently found that the “milk crystals” of a Pacific Beetle cockroach is believed to be a super-food for humans, with each “milk crystal” (two normal words that somehow become gross when combined together) being heavy in amino acids and sugar-coated proteins. Basically, Insect Milk could end up being really good for us, with the added benefit of being sustainable, nature-friendly, lactose-and-gluten-free, and allegedly, delicious. Some companies are apparently already starting to sell it. So will this stuff really become a thing in the future? Would you ever try Cockroach Milk?

Hmmmm. Maybe just a sip.

Source: WCCO

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