It would only make competitive sense.

Sam's Clubs To Cut 10 Percent Of Workforce
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I've been a member of Costco for the past four years, but had I known about this little curveball, I may have reconsidered my options.

Last month, we told you about Costco's recent price increase for their membership fees, so now Sam's Club is strategically calling attention to their own membership deal.

They're offering a $30 Groupon that’ll get you a year’s membership to the store – which is normally $45. It also comes with a complimentary card for your spouse or other household member, and a $5 gift card.

Plus if that's not sweet enough for you, they’re also throwing in a rotisserie chicken for good measure... because, why not?

There’s also an “Instant Savings” package, which costs $45 and gets you the membership, gift card, and chicken, plus a bunch of other bonuses, including $105 in automatic savings loaded onto your card.

So with Costco’s basic membership now $60 a year, that’s already twice as much as the new basic Sam’s Club deal.

So will this bring more business to Sam's Club? Time will certainly tell.

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