If you were planning on grabbing a snack or "having a meal" at Costco by gathering up all of the free samples, you may need to make other plans.

The rumor is that Costco stores across the United States and also in China have stopped all free samples due to the coronavirus. USA Today shared the following info about the rumor on March 6th, 2020:

Costco is suspending free samples over safety concerns with the spread of the coronavirus.

It was not immediately known if Costco has pulled samples from all stores in the U.S. or only in select areas or when the suspension would end. - USAToday.com

Karissa, who lives in Rochester, wrote on my Facebook page, "On Saturday I was there and someone said they aren't doing samples due to all the viruses going around."

If you are out shopping and notice changes happening at other stores due to coronavirus, can you let me know?  Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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