Hold the frickin' phone... is this actually real?!

I'm coming up on my 36th birthday in less than a month, and I have yet to find the desire to enjoy a cup of coffee. It's just not there for me.

I seriously can't do it, the taste is horrible. There's not enough sugars and creamer out there to help me get excited for a cup o'Joe... until now!

Fingers crossed, I think I found my fix! Behold - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Creamer:

Talk about a game changer!

I mean, with my love for Reese's already being sky high, how could I not give this a try?

This stuff's made by International Delight, who's already known for other flavors like its Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream and Hershey's Chocolate Caramel Creamers, both of which my wife has talked about trying/buying because of my coffee stinginess.

As you can see, the item above was spotted by Instagram account @JunkBanter, who is known for sharing junk food gossip, often before official announcements go out.

It's unclear where you can buy it, but according to Thrillist, Walmart confirmed that they're indeed selling it.

So forgive me if I cut this blog short, as I'm already half way out the door to go search the shelves of the nearest Walmart!

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