They say it would drop the wait time for women by 400%! Did these people REALLY solve the problem, or did they come up with a ridiculous plan? 

It doesn't matter where you go, there's always a much longer line at the women's restroom, than at the men's. There are people that claimed to have figured this situation out. There solution? Co-ed bathrooms! And, no I'm not talking a private one-stall room. I'm talking full on urinals in the middle of the women's restroom! At least that's the MOST efficient. Check it out:

What are our listeners saying?

Rachel: "I wouldn't mind it, If the stalls were enclosed. Not the kind where you can see through cracks."

Christine: "Wouldn't be the first time I used the men's room instead of waiting in a line for the women's!"

Emily: "Gross!! Nope, no way! I've used a guy's bathroom when it was just one stall, and that's fine, but I DO NOT need to see a guy peeing!"

So, what do you think?

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