A restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota has quite the history. It opened its doors for the first time in the 1930s and has been family-owned ever since. The place has also stayed true to its Italian roots throughout the years.

The Italian restaurant is called Yarusso Brothers and, you guessed it, is owned by the Yarusso brothers. Their names are Michael, Fred, and David. But it was their grandfather, Francesco Yarusso, who originally opened the restaurant.

Francesco immigrated to America with his sister in 1899 when he was 18, according to the 'About Us' section of Yarusso Brothers' website. While living in New Jersey he met a woman named Dora. They ended up getting married and moving to St. Paul.

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In 1932 he opened a tavern and sold "near-beer" since it was during prohibition. The next year he expanded and the place became Square Deal Cafe. All of Francesco's children worked at the cafe. Eventually, three of his son's Joseph, Ernest, and David, took over ownership of the restaurant and renamed it Yarusso Brothers.

David's sons Michael, Fred, and David are the Yarusso's who own the restaurant today but they haven't wavered from their Italian roots. Their website says that they still use the same marinara recipe from 60 years ago! They also have some customers who are 5th generation customers, they have people who are THAT loyal to this place.

So if you're in the St. Paul area and love Italian food (who doesn't) this may be a place you'll need to scope out.

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