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Our Minnesota weather rollercoaster is definitely on a downward swing this week with way cooler temperatures, but at least there isn't any snow in the forecast. Because, yes, it HAS snowed in Rochester in September.

Being the amateur weather geek, I'm always fascinated by the weather that impacts our lives, and how it can be so different here in southeast Minnesota. I really think one of the best parts about living here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is that we get to enjoy ALL the different seasons, as the long, cold winter gives way to the rebirth of spring, which then turns into the lazy, hazy days of summer, which then eventually gives way to the crisp, cool days and nights of fall before Old Man Winter shows up once again.

Why, how BORING it must be to live in parts of the country, like say, San Diego, California, where their temperate climate keeps the weather sunny with a high temperature in the mid 70's all year long. Who'd want THAT?!? (<---- sarcasm font)

But seeing as we're officially in fall here in Minnesota, we can see really nice, warm days (like last Friday) as well as much colder, almost-winter-like days (like it's supposed to be this Friday.) However, at least it hasn't snowed yet, right? I know what you're saying: Snow?!? It's September, it's too early for snow, right? But, yes, it's true, it actually HAS snowed here in Rochester in September.

Chris Kuball, Chief Meteorologist at ABC-6 noted on his Twitter page last week that the earliest snow ever recorded in Rochester fell on September 26th back in 1942, when 0.3 inches was reported at Rochester International Airport. Sure, it was a dusting, but still! Snow on September 26th?!? Come on, man! However, given everything ELSE that's happened in the twisted year that has been 2020, I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen flurries yet this year, am I right?!?

One place they most likely haven't seen any snow in September, though, is down in Texas, where country star George Strait is selling his mansion. Keep scrolling to see the amazing pictures...

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