We all love refunds, right? This is probably even more true coming off tax season. Pairing this with the fact that life is expensive right now, and you have the perfect pair of reasons why someone would fall for this new scam.

And Another New Scam

I saw word of this scam on Facebook. It is impacting Wisconsin residents, especially those in Neenah. City officials issued a warning to locals on their Facebook page earlier this month.

They broke down what is happening with the scam, along with what to look out for. They shared this warning on Thursday (April 18th).

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A Big Refund Scam

According to city officials, scammers are now posing as employees with Wisconsin Public Service. From there, they are reaching out to customers and offering them a refund. That seems too good to be true!

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According to this post, several people have called in to report the scam. This is good news, as it means most people aren't falling for it!

Get A Call Like This?

While this scam has only been reported in Neenah for now, that doesn't mean it wouldn't or couldn't happen here. It absolutely could!

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If you get a call like this, know that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Hang up on the scammer and do some research to see if something is legitimate or not. Most likely, it is a scam.

Remember This Scam?

A few years back, a Neenah resident was scammed out of nearly twenty-thousand bucks! Scammers haven't let up in a few years and probably won't anytime soon.

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