This is bad news for those that rely on Uber to get around. The popular ride share program might be a thing of the past soon, pulling out of Minnesota if a new bill goes through. The bill is moving through the legislature right now.

The bill would make sure that Uber drivers earn a wage they can live on. Why would Uber be upset about this? Because it would mean the cost for customers goes up. If the bill goes through, they are threatening to stop using the ride share service in Minnesota because it would no longer be worth it to operate here from a profit standpoint. Less people may also take Ubers because it would cost more for them to do so.

FOX 9 spoke to the head of the Minnesota Uber/Lyft Drivers Association, who said that he makes about sixty cents for every mile while Uber takes home three bucks for every mile. He also stated that when Uber first came to Minnesota, drivers were taking home almost two dollars, which shows how much things have changed as of late.

The bill has been changed a bunch over the past few months. The current version of the bill proposes Uber drivers make $1.45 a mile for rides that start in certain parts of the state, including the Minneapolis area. This also sheds light onto why Uber isn't happy with the bill, as it is higher than what Uber drivers make in parts of the country with higher costs of living than Minneapolis.

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The bill would also require that drivers have insurance and would limit their ability to remove certain drivers from working for Uber, including those accused of assault, harassment, discrimination and the like, according to an email sent out by the company.

Uber started in Minnesota in 2012. The bill will be voted on Wednesday (May 17th) and will then move on to the Senate if passed. However, KARE 11 reports that Governor Walz is not "committed" to signing the bill and thinks there are many more conversations that need to happen before becoming a permanent thing.

You can read the current version of the bill online. There is a lot to this bill and it will be interesting to see what will happen if this goes through and if Uber will actually pull out of Minnesota if the bill passes. We will keep you updated.

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