The internet can't get enough of Ben Affleck's lackluster energy at the 65th Grammy Awards.

On Sunday night (Feb. 5), Affleck appeared in the Grammys audience alongside his wife, Jennifer Lopez, who was a presenter during the awards ceremony's live telecast.

Each time he was spotted by fans watching at home, Affleck appeared to look like he wasn't really feeling the show. His apparent misery was so noticeable that memes and tweets about the star erupted on social media.

Needless to say, people were amused by the camera operators' choice to frequently cut to Affleck.

"Ben Affleck is every introvert everywhere. You can see his batteries draining in real-time. Man is already at 23 percent," one viewer tweeted.

Another tweet compared Affleck to Lopez's former fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, who was more animated at public events.

"Ben Affleck is a man of the people who can't pretend to care about his wife's work s---," they joked.

One person even compared Affleck to a teenager being dragged to events with their parents.

"Ben's bringing the same energy to the Grammys that a 15 yr old brings when they go anywhere with their parents," the tweet read.

See more hilarious memes and reactions, below:

Affleck and Lopez recently made headlines with their appearance at the Shotgun Wedding premiere afterparty in Hollywood.

In a viral clip from the party, Lopez and Affleck appeared to share a tense moment.

"I didn't drink anything, okay?" Affleck allegedly told his wife, per a lip-reading from TikTok, while Lopez's song "Let's Get Loud" blasted in the background.

Fans theorized that Affleck was reacting to Lopez supposedly tasting the actor's drink, since Affleck has openedly struggled with alcohol addiction in the past.

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