This Uber driver made the best of the situation when a passenger left her phone in his car by accident after a night out.

To the young woman's surprise, the driver left some adorably hilarious video diaries behind on her phone when it was returned to her.

In one, which was posted to TikTok, the Uber driver sips a drink and walks along a beach. "I think it's pretty funny y'all were so drunk last night you don't remember how many people were in the car. Y'all were a trip, though," he muses.

"That one girl that was upset at the guy... and then she decided to go see the guy... What was up with that? Guy's got her hooked. I'm so glad y'all were there, though. Y'all were, like, trying to talk her out of it. Good for y'all," he continues, laughing.

"Hope it worked out," he concludes, taking a sip of his drink.

After a comment requested "the whole series," the woman uploaded another video from the Uber driver's time with her phone.

"Back at headquarters here. Would've thought you'd tell me you were nearby by now, but... more time for me to drink," he says in that clip, lounging on the beach shirtless with another drink in hand.

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In another video, the Hawaiian shirt-clad driver shows off more of the beach, including a huge hose spraying water.

"A little wetness going on up in here. Almost dropped that, I didn't though!" he quips after nearly dropping her phone.

"He is living his best life," one person commented.

"He’s in his influencer era," another viewer joked.

In another TikTok video, a screenshot reveals a selfie of the two young women passengers and a message sent to the Uber driver. "How funny you are to take a video diary hahaha. Do you always do that?" it reads.

"The video diary thing... Yeah, I enjoy doing that, I mean, I can't remember the last time I did it, but any time I'm around my friends and they leave their phone, I'm one of those people. You leave your phone around me, and I'm gonna take a silly picture or just do something dumb," the Uber driver explains in a voice memo via iMessage.

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