I've never been so disappointed in random celebrities in my entire life!

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Thursday, January 12th, the entire state of Iowa gasped at three competitors on the hit trivia competition show 'Celebrity Jeopardy!'. It's a spin of the beloved game show Jeopardy! but with random D-list stars competing for charity.

A simple, fun, and relatively stress-free premise, right?

Chicago Sky star forward Candace Parker, comedian Patton Oswalt, and actress Torrey DeVitto, all looked like complete idiots during one round.

Parker requested the $300 question in The 50 States category which read,

“In Field of Dreams a question is asked, ‘Is this heaven?’ – No it’s this midwestern state also known as ‘The Corn State.’”

DeVitto was the first to hit the buzzer before meekly answering with, "What is Wisconsin?"


I'll forgive her because she was put on the spot, but the next person absolutely knew the correct answer, don't ya think?

You'd be as wrong as all of these contestants...

Parker chimed in and said with even more confidence, "What is Nebraska?"

How can you not remember the iconic "Is this heaven?" line from the classic sports movie?

We all are familiar with 'Field of Dreams,' the beloved baseball movie set and shot in the state of Iowa. The fan base grew so much over the decades that the film led to two MLB games being played at the original site.

We know three people who won't be throwing the first pitch at the one!

Oswalt ended up coming out of this game victorious. He will be moving on to the

On Thursday, January 19th these three stars will be competing in the Quarterfinals; B.J. Novak, Brendan Hunt, and Cari Champion. The Semi-finals are set to take place on January 26th with the Celebrity Jeopardy! finals taking place on February 2nd.

So far, Michael Cera and Patton Oswalt will be competing in the Semi-finals.

We'll make sure to keep you up to date in case there are anymore incredibly easy Iowa trivia questions.

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