You remember that moment when you said, "I think I need to buy a minivan."  It is one of those pivotal moments in life where you realize that "cool" and "trendy" are taking a back-burner.  You are now in minivan mom life.


If you've been dreading the minivan purchase, don't!  The minivan is the vehicle for Minnesota moms.  And actually, I've owned 3 minivans in my life and I will say, having side doors that opened remotely, a game-changer.  I could reach the kids super easy and didn't have to try to finagle and wedge my body in between seats to get to them to buckle them in.  It was almost like someone in the vehicle world knew the struggle moms were dealing with each day as we went from point A to point B with our kids and they made a miracle vehicle to help us out.

17 Items All Minnesota Moms Have in Their Minivans

Inside those vehicles...well, that's something, isn't it?!  SO MANY things get brought into that car...and never leave.  Unfortunately, some of those items have a smell and you are pretty sure a bottle or sippy cup is wedged into a place you don't want to reach into...EVER.

What's in your minivan right now?  Go through the list below and see how many you can check off and then send me your number on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

17 Items in Every Minnesota Mom's Minivan

If you've got kids, there is a good chance that you drive a minivan. It is the vehicle for moms and actually, they are very helpful! But, if you've got a minivan, there are 17 items that are probably hiding somewhere in the seats or right there on the floor ready for you to step on.
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Speaking of kids, they say the darndest things...and we actually did a poll of a bunch of kids to see what some of the popular moms' sayings are, and they gave me a bunch of great quotes!  Check those out below if you'd love a little smile today.

38 of the Best Mom Quotes Ever From Kids in Minnesota

Every mom has that one phrase or saying that always comes out of their mouth at the perfect time. Maybe while a child is being stubborn and doesn't want to eat the vegetables on the plate. Or it could be that lovely reminder to put a coat on when it is below 20 degrees. It could even be that nice nudge to clean your room so you have more than just a path.

Moms are full of great tips, and advice, and we've heard a lot of great phrases from our the good times and the bad.

I asked kids in Minnesota to send me their favorite mom quotes...and we've got a great list!  Did your mom say any of these famous quotes?

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