Evacuate Walmart Immediately If You Hear a Code Brown!

Keep that AirPod out of your ear the next time you are shopping at a Walmart store in Minnesota and throughout the United States.  Every day, Walmart employees use the intercom to communicate with one another about specific situations that need attention.  Unfortunately, a few codes are to alert staff about urgent and scary situations...and if I was shopping in the store when those codes were announced, I would evacuate immediately.

Code Brown and Other Secrets Revealed About Minnesota Walmart Stores

Next time you go to Walmart, listen really carefully to what is being said over the intercom. Secret codes are being shared overhead for employees so they are aware of specific situations happening in the store. If I were you, I'd look through the list below published by Shopping B.Xplained and be aware of what those codes are because a few are pretty serious situations...and you should try to evacuate the store ASAP, if possible.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

Do You Know The Evacuation Plan For Your Workplace?

A few years ago, I was in the middle of my show on Y-105FM and talking away into a microphone at Townsquare Media in Rochester, Minnesota, when the door flung open, and "Get Out Now" was screamed loudly for everyone to hear.

Aaron Galloway - TSM Rochester
Aaron Galloway - TSM Rochester

I started working at Townsquare Media in 2017 and almost the entire time I've been employed, construction has been part of our view outside.  First, we had a few buildings built across the road.  Then, 4th Street SW went missing and was made brand new.  The next year, 2nd Ave. SW was demolished.

The whole thing has been such a mess and I know there were many days where if you listened really closely to my show, you probably could have heard the construction crews outside of our building.  My microphone and computers would move when the big machines hit the ground but I kept powering through and hoping the mess would someday just go away.  I'm still hoping for that.

Why did I have to evacuate?  With all of the construction going on around our building, an accident was bound to happen at some point.  During some digging, a gas line was cut near our building and that is what led to the evacuation.

No one wants to be in the middle of an emergency situation but it may happen at your workplace too.  If you haven't reviewed your evacuation or safety plans lately, today is a good day for a little refresh.

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