The Land of 10,000 Lakes has a LOT of unique-sounding names. Some even sound kinda naughty!

Every state is filled with tons of unique and different names of cities and towns, many of which have special and unique pronunciations that you only know how to say if you were born there-- or have lived there for a while.

According to the World Population Review, there are over 885 cities here in Minnesota. Add to that the fact that Minnesota has 87 different counties, and when you add them together, there are just under 1,000 monikers that are unique to the North Star State.

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Now, in addition to many of these names being unique to Minnesota, some of these cities and towns here in the Bold North may even sound a little... uh... naughty, shall we say? Were they originally meant to sound that way? Probably not. But some of them do nonetheless.

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So, it's with that in mind that we scoured the maps of the Gopher State and have compiled the definitive list of the 10 Most Dirtiest and Naughty-Sounding Towns in Minnesota. How many of these do YOU know? Keep scrolling to find out, plus check out a list of Minnesota's Most Difficult Names to Pronounce Correctly too.

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