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Our current bout of warm weather is likely to smash more records across much of Minnesota this week.

You've gotta say one thing about the weather here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes: it sure isn't the same every day, right? While folks out in places like San Diego, California are used to basically similar weather all year (where it's usually sunny with highs in the 70s-- who'd want that?!?) that's not the case here.

Because we all know that spring weather in the North Star State can set records for both how cold AND how warm the temperature is. Which has been the case this spring.

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Back in March, we were dealing with some pretty cold temperatures. Remember St. Patrick's Day? Our high temperatures across the Bold North struggled to get into the teens, which gave us the coldest March 17th in over 30 years.

Now, Mother Nature appears to be trying to even things out. Because high temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday (April 11th and 12th) are forecast to be in the upper 70s and low to mid-80s. That's between 20 to 30 degrees WARMER than average!

For comparison, the National Weather Service reports that the average high in southeast Minnesota on April 11th and 12th is only 53 degrees, with an average overnight low near 33 degrees.

And this warm streak could be record-breaking, too. If the temperature in Rochester hits 82 on Wednesday (which is likely, seeing as the high is forecast to top out near 85 or so), it would break the record for April 12th, which was set all the way back in 1931. That means we could be experiencing the warmest April 12th EVER in Minnesota.

Enjoy it while you can, though. Because, as Mother Nature likes to do, things appear to even out again this weekend, when forecast highs will once again be below average, topping out in the upper 40s before the 50s and 60s return next week.

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