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Many of us will be getting together with family and friends across the Bold North for Thanksgiving again this year. And, just like that turkey dinner, these uniquely Minnesota phrases will also likely make an appearance!

Ahh, Thanksgiving. The American holiday filled with tons of food and gathering together to give thanks with family and friends, first held in Plymouth, Massachusetts way back in 1623 in the late fall after the pilgrims brought in a successful harvest for the year.

And again this year, the full Minnesota Thanksgiving experience is on tap for most of us, after a couple of years when health officials urged us to forgo traveling for the holidays and host or attend a scaled-back celebration with only a few close family members-- those in your 'bubble.' (Remember THAT phrase?!?)

But just like last year, many of us seem getting back to another normal Thanksgiving this fall. And that means there are several phrases or 'Minnesota-isms' you'll probably ONLY hear (or perhaps say yourself) if you find yourself at a Thanksgiving dinner here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Even if your plans include traveling to a location outside the North Star State, there's still a pretty good possibility these Minnesota phrases will be a part of your Thanksgiving holiday somehow. How many of these phrases are YOU familiar with?

Of course, after Thanksgiving (even though it's still a few weeks away), next up is Christmas, right? It's a holiday filled with nostalgia, especially as we look forward to once again observing those time-honored Yuletide traditions. So keep scrolling to take a look at which toy was the big thing during Christmas the year you were born!

11 Unique Things You'll Only Hear at a Minnesota Thanksgiving

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