Justin Bieber did two good deeds in a matter of minutes, saying hello to his littlest fans and giving money to a homeless man.

Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin-Bieber were getting frozen yogurt in Hollywood on May 24 after they went to their car getting ready to leave, Bieber saw children watching him. He got out of his car to see if they wanted to say hello. In a sweet moment, the younger girl was too shy and hid behind her mother. They asked for a picture with him with Bieber politely obliging. After taking the picture a homeless man walked up to the group and began to talk to Bieber.

Bieber then ran to his car to grab something and was seen running back over to the man on the sidewalk and gave him money. The paparazzi captured the moment on video. When the photographer asks the man how much Bieber gave him, the man replied that he got a $500 bill from Bieber.

Bieber has previously been seen by fans and paparazzi alike speaking to homeless people in Los Angeles and even giving them money as well. He's brought water bottles and had a heart to heart conversation with them.

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