Coffee while you shop - it's a must. And now, you'll be able to do so in Kasson thanks to Crystal and Jim Whitmarsh. They opened a new coffee shop in the Bluff Creek Boutique building on 1st Avenue. It's called Trail Creek Coffee Roasters. I asked Crystal what made them decide to open a coffee shop:

Our roasting business started out as a personal passion for coffee, and then desire to share that same "cup of joy" with others. We want our customers to fully experience the origin of the coffee with each sip, which is achievable through small-batch roasting due to the freshness, quality, and consistency. When we moved to Kasson and realized that there really wasn't a place like this for the community to come together our dream started to grow! -Crystal

Trail Creek Coffee Roasters
Trail Creek Coffee Roasters

Grab a cup of coffee or a bag of beans at Trail Creek Coffee Roasters in Kasson today.  They are open 4-7pm on Wednesdays and 10a-3p on Saturdays.

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