It's one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix right now. The gut-wrenching, get you talking drama - 13 Reasons Why. I'm obsessed, and binge-watched both seasons in a matter of days. So, when I ran across a kid that looked SO much like one of the stars, I just had to share with you guys. Tell me it isn't true?

Left Image: Getty Images - Michael Tundell
Left Image: Getty Images - Michael Tundell

He looks just like Alex Standall! I mean, he even has the bleached hair look that Alex had in the first season. Alex is played by actor Miles Heizer. He's been acting since he was just a kid. He also played Drew Holt in Parenthood.

I met this kiddo at a Pepsi stop. He won tickets from us. After getting his picture, I couldn't stop showing my friends how much he looked like Alex. They obviously all agreed, so I reached out to him to tell him how crazy it is. He apparently gets told that often, so he wasn't surprised when I mentioned it to him.

Do you have a doppelganger?

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