News came out last summer that kiosks would be replacing cashiers at McDonald's and now they're being installed across the country. Joseph Roberts visited a McDonald's in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin and saw the kiosk. He said they have four kiosks now. At this location, they used to have 8 to 10 employees per shift. Now they have 4 to 5. The counter used to host four registers and now it only has two registers.

Inside the restaurants, McDonald’s is bringing greater control, convenience and personalization to our customers through the use of kiosks to place orders, staffed with guest experience leaders to assist in the process. Customers can place their order and skip the front counter entirely, with their food brought right to their table. Additionally, customers will be able to place orders directly on the mobile app for pickup or have a kiosk recognize their app profile, which holds customized favorites and preferred payment methods. The result is a more stress-free, personalized experience, enhanced by technology and world-class hospitality that puts customers in control.

There's mixed responses towards the kiosks. Some are concerned that technology will take over human labor. Some blaming the demand for higher pay forcing place like McDonald's to reduce staff and replace with kiosks. Some people just flat out prefer face to face interactions and don't want to use a kiosks.

McDonald's has placed these kiosks in 2,500 stores and they have no plans to stop. They also implemented a mobile order option for consumers in 20,000 stores.

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