Kwik Trip has been blessing us with new menu items left and right. Now, they just announced a new donut treat coming to stores, including in Minnesota, and it sounds so good. The flavor is absolutely quintessential to summer.

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Kwik Trip's Newest Menu Items

Let's do a quick rundown of all of the new, delicious food at Kwik Trip lately.

First, in mid-May, they had teased a new food item for weeks. Finally, they announced their new Blueberry Dunker Chips.

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And then, at the beginning of June, they announced even more new foods. These were for their 'hot spot' and they all included pepper jack cheese. Yum!

Those new items include a Pepperjack’d Ham and Egg Flatbread, Pepperjack’d Western Omelet on Flatbread, Pepperjack’d ¼ lb Burger on Pretzel Bun, and Pepperjack’d Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Those all sound super good.

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Apparently Kwik Trip's on a roll with these new foods because now they just announced ANOTHER new food item coming to stores.

Kwik Trip Announced New Donut Coming to Stores

I absolutely love Kwik Trip's Glazers. I know, basic, but they're so good. Now, Kwik Trip is coming out with a new donut flavor that's perfect for summer. Starting next week (the week of the 23rd) they'll be selling Pink Lemonade Dunker Donuts.

I so need to try these! Pink lemonade is one of the top nostalgic flavors of summer and so I love that they're coming out with this right as summer is getting going.

Will you be trying these? You can chat with us on our app anytime!

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