If you're into snowmobiling or enjoy winter activities like snowshoeing or ice fishing, this winter may not have been your favorite. However, for the rest of us, it's been a pretty great season with mostly pleasant weather, except for that one really cold week.

We've had above-average temperatures in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin and hardly any snow, which means less shoveling and fewer worries about tricky travel conditions. Now, forecasters are talking about La Niña and how it will influence our weather. Check out more details below.

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Why Has Minnesota Enjoyed a Mild Winter?

El Niño is a win for those who like to avoid bitterly cold temperatures. Back in the fall, NOAA correctly forecasted that our region would have a warmer-than-average winter.

Sun in hands
Sun in hands

El Niño is a phenomenon where the Pacific Ocean has warmer-than-usual waters, causing changes in the Pacific jet stream. This shift in atmospheric conditions influences weather patterns globally, leading to floods, droughts, and either unusually high or low temperatures in different regions.

The adjustment in the jet stream means that some parts of the country experience a drier and warmer winter, while others have a wetter-than-normal winter.

Weather Experts Now Say La Niña Will Impact Minnesota Weather


NOAA explains, "La Niña is also sometimes called El Viejo, anti-El Niño, or simply "a cold event." La Niña has the opposite effect of El Niño. During La Niña events, trade winds are even stronger than usual, pushing more warm water toward Asia."

At the moment, it looks like we might have a La Niña winter next year, and that could be exciting for winter enthusiasts. Bring Me The News says "La Niña winters usually mean colder, snowier conditions in Minnesota."

If you're into winter activities, it might be a good idea to check for deals on snowmobiles or snow blowers during this relatively warm winter. Snagging a great deal now means you'll be all set to enjoy the snow when La Niña brings it next winter.

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