This blew my mind! Did you know?

Get your mind out of the gutter ladies!! It's WINE GLASSES!

In the 1800's, wine glasses only held around 2 ounces of wine. OMG, I'd give up, and drink from the bottle. Today, wine glasses hold around 15 ounces.


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    Several Southern Minnesota Wineries Among the Best in State

    Minnesota has so many amazing wineries, and several of the best are just a short drive from Rochester. Check out the list of Minnesota’s best wineries.


    Try These Award Winning Minnesota Wines this Weekend

    When people think about wine they think of places like France or Napa Valley. Minnesota isn’t the first place that typically comes to mind. There are several award winning wines produced right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes though. Each year a trophy is awarded to the winery that produces the best wine in Minnesota. The trophy is known as the Minnesota Governor’s Cup, according to,  and was won by Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery of Kasota, MN for their single varietal 2015 La Crescent.

  • We Tried To Whine, Then This Happened...

    Every week, Val and I whine! We drink wine, and whine about stuff going on in the world. This is the BEST video we've ever done! I think we peed a little...

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