Say 'ta ta' to any boob sweat thanks to the all-new Ta-Ta Towel.

Now as a woman you're probably thinking one of two things: A) This can't possibly be real... or B) Where the hell has this been my whole life?!

My wife reacted more toward the latter when she came across an article from the Huffington Post this past weekend while we were vacationing up north.

After initially busting a gut at the notion, I quickly hushed my belly laugh when I saw both my wife and her girlfriend giving me "shut up, you don't even know" look.

Granted, I totally don't.

Which is why the founder of Ta-Ta Towels, Erin Robertson, created the towels to combat sweaty breasts.

"What I thought was just a solution to boob sweat turned out to help other women in so many different ways. Whether at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs' new breast friend.

Here's one of the testimonials from one the many women who have purchased one of these brilliant towels.

Truly impressed with the Ta-Ta Towel! I was amazed at how comfortable it was - feels like you're naked without being naked! The Ta-Ta Towel was a crucial go to for me while I was pregnant and breast feeding! My 'girls' are fans!

Worried they don't have your size? Well these $45 towels run up all the way to an H-cup.

Still thinking this can't be real? Well the way news is spreading across social media, you might be one of the last people to get your hands, or breasts, on one of these towels!

Here's a funny review of what they're all about:

You can see more of the ta-ta towel HERE and HERE.

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