We've been hearing about these so-called "Walz Checks" for a long time. The Governor first announced the rebate checks last year, but the 2022 Legislature adjourned without any agreement on how to spend Minnesota's huge budget surplus.

Good news: Minnesota lawmakers finally struck a deal overnight. Bad news: the checks will be much smaller than most thought.

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Rebate checks were part of Governor Walz's 2023 budget proposal and now we're one step closer to getting those payments. Minnesota lawmakers have agreed on a deal that would send a one-time rebate check back to most people in the state.

Governor Walz was quoted in this Star Tribune article that explains the deal will also help with "childhood poverty rates and exempt many seniors from taxes on their Social Security income."

Walz said: "It was a proposal we put forward, and we compromised in good faith on this. I'm glad Minnesotans are getting money back in their pocket. It was a little smaller than we wanted, but there were other things that we got for that trade for children and families."

Lawmakers Agree To Send Rebate Checks To Minnesotans

The payouts will be significantly lower than what many expected.


When the rebate checks were first brought up it was believed that most Minnesotans would get a $1,000 check and some would be eligible for as much as $2,000.

Minnesota lawmakers agreed to a deal overnight that would send $260 to single filers and $520 to married couples. Those with dependents would get extra.

The checks will be based on income, but the bill hasn't been written yet so not all of the details are known yet. It is thought that the maximum payout will be $1,300.

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