The oldest person in recorded history was Jeanne Calment. She is only human to live longer than 120 years - She was 122-years and 164-days old when she passed away in France.

Erna Zahn, Minnesota's oldest resident for many years, was 114-years old when she died last year. The title now belongs to a Moorhead woman that just celebrated 50 days after her actual birthday. Read more about this incredible woman and see what her secret to longevity is below.

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Minnesota's Oldest Living Resident Celebrates Birthday After a 50-Day Delay

Lillian Moran was born in 1911. She has lived through both world wars, the great depression, the Spanish flu and COVID pandemic, she witnessed the advent of television and the internet, and countless other things that have shaped our lives.

The supercentenarian just celebrated turning 112-years-old, fifty days after her birthday.

Moran's actual birthday is March 18th but a bout with COVID delayed the party.

Annie Spratt via Unsplash
Annie Spratt via Unsplash
loading... says, she grew up milking cows and working the family farm in North Dakota before eventually relocating to Minnesota. She now lives in Moorhead.

From time to time, you hear news stories about people like Moran and they're always asked what their secret is. Their answers include common sense tips like exercising and eating healthy, some credit their faith, and others offer silly responses like bacon and vodka.

Moran's tip for a long life - "Just keep breathing."

Lillian's family told CBS News that Moran's grandmother lived to be 103 and her mother died just days short of her 100th birthday. The family says she doesn't take any medications and loves signing.

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