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You might think that robins and hummingbirds are a sign of spring but actually, it is Lime Scooters.  Based on an e-mail that I just received, it sounds like their return to Rochester will be happening soon and they are offering a few freebies too.


Remember that first summer when Lime Scooters made their appearance in Rochester?  As with anything new, there were people who loved them and also people who weren't a fan.  Honestly, I wasn't sure how safe I would be on one myself but on a Friday night, I decided to put my fears aside and hop on a Lime Scooter.

5 Tips for Riding a Lime Scooter

I highly recommend that you check out these 5 tips before you hop on a Lime Scooter in Rochester.

Before you jump on a Lime Scooter this year, think about taking their "Learn to Ride Safely in Rochester" class that is happening on Zoom on Thursday, March 11th at 5 pm Central Time. You can sign up here.  FREEBIE ALERT:  participants of the safety training will receive a coupon for 5 free unlocks.

Would I ride a Lime scooter again?  Yeah, I'll put my helmet on and ride again, but probably only on the trails until I see real change happen on our roads, especially in downtown Rochester. I'm still seeing drivers texting and to be honest, I'd rather not get hit because they are distracted.

Have you tried the scooters? Let me know what you thought of them. You can find my contact info here.

Some people may find Lime Scooters annoying but those green modes of transportation didn't end up on the "Most Annoying Things in Rochester" list.  Keep reading to see what did!

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