Lindsay Lohan has a surprising amount of connections to Minnesota radio programs. She was a star in the 2006 movie, A Prairie Home Companionwith Meryl Streep and John C. Reilly. She also was the intern, "Illiterate Lisa", on an SNL skit about a Shakopee, MN hip-hop radio station.

Sitting behind a news desk with Timberwolves, Vikings, and Twins gear in the background, Lohan plays the morning show intern who doesn't know how to read and makes up words on the fly.

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The skit starts out with the B108 FM morning show starting at 5 AM with "Richard" and "The Buffalo". Talk about the snow that fell over night, wake up and win contests, and news of schools being cancelled for the day all make it into the skit. A shout out to seasonal affective disorder also sneaks in there, hello Minnesota winters.

They also mention they are sending Lohan's character out to salt the station driveway in a bikini and a moose hat. Check out a replay of the skit from 2012 here! 

Also, here is a trailer from A Prairie Home Companion, another tie between Lohan and Minnesota radio!

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