Out on 21, not far from the neighborhood on 9th Street NW in Kasson, is Jason Wilker Retaining Walls and Pavers. The City of Kasson says he has to make changes on the business property to comply with his permit.

Yesterday, Kasson revoked his permit saying he failed to act on six of the eight conditions brought to his attention six months ago by the Planning and Zoning Commission. They gave him 60 days to get the work done, or to show a plan to get it done.

According to KTTC, violations include...

  • Putting more commercial structures on the property than allowed.
  • 60% of the entire lot should be planted and maintained landscaping and it is not meeting the 60% threshold.
  • Required buffer yards missing.
  • Non allowed equipment (like trucks, tanks, etc) stored overnight.
  • Storing landscaping to be used on the south side, not the north side.
  • No nursery license.

A post on the TV station's Facebook page brought forth a lot of support for Jason Wilker. They echo his concerns that Kasson is trying to push him out to use the land for other development.


Very few people made suggestions like this, and you know what? I think its probably the only truly helpful comment. Fair or unfair, like my mom used to say, if you gotta get it done, it won't go away until you do it.


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