Meredith Boyce began writing music in 7th grade. She taught herself how to play every Taylor Swift song and began performing in front of anyone that would listen. Meredith continued to write and perform through college and even got the opportunity to open for Jaime Grace and Josh Wilson at a Christian music festival in Minnesota. Now, the young singer wants to record her first E.P. but needs some help to make that dream come true.

Boyce started a Kickstarter page with the goal of raising $15,000. She says, "To be honest with you, writing and recording is the thing that makes me happier than anything else. With all of that being said, I need your help to make this dream a reality! Please consider helping this Taylor Swift/Kacey Musgraves wanna-be make her first EP! I promise you will not be disappointed!"  Check her page out and learn more here.

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