Finally! Some good news about a local brand spreading their wings instead of closing up shop.

I for one am excited to share this news because I've been a fan of theirs for as long as I've lived in Rochester. The reason is because BB's Pizzeria was the restaurant where my wife and I had our very first date over six years ago. We couldn't decide where to go that night but once she told me she could go for some pizza and a couple beers, well, I knew it was meant to be.

That brings me to the news that BB's has moved downtown! Don't worry, their original location on East Circle Drive by Paragon is still open. But since I already work downtown, this is great for me because the new location is so close that I can just walk to the shops in University Square from our studios to where zPizza was located until this past month until they suddenly closed up shop.

You can bet I'll be there tomorrow or Friday to check out their new digs! Perhaps I'll even make it a day-date with my wife?

Just stinks we can't enjoy a couple drinks this time... you know, because, adulting.

Is pizza one of the seven things all Minnesotans can't live without in the winter? Maybe, maybe not... you can see the whole list for yourself here.

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