The recording offer came in a direct message on Instagram.

Malik Knighten, a 17-year-old from Charles City, Iowa, accepted the offer from the Sony recording manager, to join new pop group called “Next Town Down”. 

Knighten told KIMT news, “When we went out (to Hollywood) the first time we ended up recording some demos and everything to show different labels, but when we go out this Wednesday I’m actually moving in and moving to a condo. We’ll start recording an album and start promoting ourselves.”

Pretty impressive for a kid that's only been singing for two years.

Malik credits Justin Bieber as his inspiration, “Justin Bieber that’s why I started singing, that’s why I got a guitar and that’s like the way I write, the way I sing kind of reflects that and a lot of people say I sound like Justin.”

Hopefully we'll be playing hits from "Next Town Down" soon on 106.9 KROC!

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