Lululemon has just opened a huge experiential store in the Mall of America and it's very... innovative! You can shop, workout, and eat, all at this Lululemon location in the Mall of America. It just opened on the 20th.

MSP Mag writes that this location is 19,700 square feet and replaced the smaller location they used to have. In this store, you can shop a huge spread of their athletic wear. They also have a special section for Lululemon Labs. Lab is the "no sweat" line. "Less activewear, more everyday clothing such as shirt dresses, blazers, and neoprene pants." The clothing in the Lab line are "limited qualities and are unique to the store's city."

They also will have workout classes! Those don't start until Monday, December 2nd. You can register in advance or just drop in. Classes are $25. Something I think is great that they're doing is you can "test run" the clothing during these fitness classes to see if the workout gear is right for you. And if you spur-of-the-moment decide you want to take a class but you have no gear with you, they'll lend you some! You can check out the fitness class schedule HERE!

There's also a dressing room to get ready before and after class. There's also a "fuel bar" where Lululemon and local restaurant Penny's Coffee have teamed up to serve some delicious stuff.

I have never purchased anything Lululemon but I may have to check out this store, it sounds too cool not to!

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