People wanted to see other options here for transportation. In a hotly contested debate between Uber/Lyft and other fleets, it was finally approved on January 4th by the Rochester City Council to add Uber and Lyft to the ordinance to operate in Rochester. Assistant City Administrator Aaron Reeves told ABC 6 News that Lyft has filed paperwork to start giving rides to folks real soon! But if you are an Uber fan, they're going to have you waiting - they haven't filed yet to give rides too.

Here's the low down on how Lyft operates. It matches drivers with passengers that look for rides through an app on the phone. Passengers pay through the app.

Think you want to drive for Lyft? You gotta be at least 21 years old and pass a DMV/National/Country background check. Also, your car has to have four external door handles and five seat belts. An inspection goes down before you can even drive. Here's more details.

So, what do you think? Have you used Lyft or Uber? Which one is better? Drop me a message today at and I will share your comments on this blog.

(Side note: looks like Aaron is pretty active on twitter and gives cool updates on city happenings, be sure to add him:

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