Yes, it sounds crazy to think about magnets right next to your eyeballs, but bear with me. Now I've tried a few others "magnetic lashes" and the 3-second lash" brand did NOT pan out at all like they promised. So I was reluctant to try another product like it but I like life on the edge you know.

I purchased the 3 Magnetic Lashes (regular) from Lil Lashes. They are really reasonable at only $15.99 and they are wearable DAILY! You will absolutely get multiple wears out of one set. These are made out of real human hair and come with 3 magnet strips on each lash piece so they look so natural and don't move. There are also versions and local places like Sally Hansen's Beauty Supply.

I mean seriously, not just all day do they stay but I put them to the test with a workout! It was an all out sweat fast and they didn't go anywhere! (Neither did my makeup, yeah it's that good) They didn't slide or slip and I was ready to go back to my day without a hint of a workout!

Whether it's for a special occasion, dance, wedding or just everyday volume you are looking for, you have to give these a try! When you purchase two from the website, use code "BETH" and you will get a discount on both!


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