I certainly hope not!

Back in 2016 we heard whispers of Macy's making plans to close 100 stores by the end of this year, which at the time represented close to 14 percent of its stores under their brand.

The report also stated they would prioritize its investments in the stores that offer the highest growth potential. To which I'm thinking: There's no way Apache's location would close! It's always busy when I'm there and it's one of the cornerstones of the entire mall. If you take that store away, I can't imagine another brand that could come in to replace it and would match it's production?

As of today, their net job cuts, including the closures and reductions at remaining locations, will total about 5,000 jobs. Altogether, the company has now revealed 81 of the 100 locations, according to USA Today.

However, even as of right now it's still a mystery which one of the other 19 locations will close. So fingers crossed it's not Rochester's, because that would be horrible. Not only for the mall, but also for all it's awesome employees that work there.

Speaking of the mall, did you see how one of it's stores could be involved with a major data breach? Let's hope we dodged that bullet as well!

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