Many of us could use some extra money without fully committing to a part-time job. I know there are times that I wish I could do something where I could make some extra money but also choose my own hours. Well, there are many ways to do that right here in Rochester, Minnesota. Here are a few side hustles I stumbled across.

By now, you have probably seen those Lime Scooters running around town. Did you know if you take them home and charge them, you can make some extra cash? These people are called "lime juicers." You just have to download the app, go through a course, buy some chargers and you are set to go. If you want more on this, check out their website.

Another great side hustle is dog walking. With all the technology we have these days, you don't have to go door to door to drum up some business. If you download the "Rover" app you are set to go. You control your schedule and price, which is super nice. If you are an animal person like me, you'll love this. You can also watch people's dogs while they are on vacation. This allows you to extend your income.

One of my friends did this back in college. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but he got paid to watch videos and take surveys. He used this service called Inbox Dollars. This is super flexible and can be done while you are just chilling at home. It could be kind of fun to see what kind of stuff is floating around the internet.

If all else fails, you can always become a Lyft or Uber driver. Not only do you set your own hours, if you so chose to work on super busy nights you'll make bank. I have a friend who made almost $3,000 on New Year's Eve because he chose to drive instead of celebrating.

I might even try my hand at a few of these side hustles so I can support my concert addiction. Hopefully, this sparked some ideas on how to get some extra income in your life.

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