Be honest, you can already hear your mother scolding you are you're reading this.

According to this, Orgeon DOT are putting up electronic signs like the one you see above all along Interstate 5 that are plastered with different messages that are signed "Mom".

These messages are general things that you have heard your mom say when you were younger only with a little texting and driving message along with it. Some of the other messages include:

    • "Put the phone away, I'm going to count to 3"
    • "Don't text and drive . . . . and eat your vegetables"

There's also this one:

Do you think these creative billboard signs would help you or someone you know put down their phone when they're behind the wheel?

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is in the middle of a campaign that intends to crackdown on distracted driving which runs through April 23.

In case you weren't aware, Minnesota law prohibits drivers from reading, composing or sending texts and emails while the vehicle is in motion or part of traffic.

So put the phone down, and keep your eyes up and glued to the road.

Stay safe everybody!

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