You don't usually think luxury when you think about going to the movies. Some theaters have comfy seats but most offer the same general experience. The CMX Cinemas opened at the Mall of America on May 4th and offer a lot more than your typical movie theater.

Yes, they have comfy chairs. 872 "luxury recliners" to be exact. KARE 11 says there is also a 1,650-square-foot culinary market area and an upscale bar and lounge inside the theater. Needless to say, they serve more than popcorn and candy. Movie-goers can pick from pizza, burgers, a deli with sandwiches and salads - who goes to a movie and gets a salad? - wine and fancy cheese are also available.

So how much will a night at the movies cost? Movie tickets will range from $5 to $14 - which isn't bad at all. No word on the price of food and drinks, but if it's like other theaters you'll probably still want to sneak your own snacks in.

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